Prophylactic self-isolation for food transformation. Day 41st.

Family members asked not to cook this recipe again, never again! What’s wrong? I made it perfect!:))

Tasty, but fizzled out experiment while making a vegan alternative to “traditional” pancakes with cream and jam:

Tasty pancakes, but fizzled out experiment

Being vegan does not mean to copy “junk” or unhealthy food with “natural” alternatives. But for some of us does…and after that, how well-feeling should come?

The taste of pancakes belongs to pancakes. Grabbing for a similarity in a taste and consistency leads to an inner desire to return “back to normal”, to the traditional flour-dairy based pancakes. When talking about food, the concept of “replacement” does not work well.

Once I had two options to choose in a restaurant: a) meat-based food, or b) vegan food. I chose vegan. What did I get? Dumplings stuffed with meat substitute and vegan sauce. Brrrr…..Meat substitute was professionally made from bread mass, honestly, the taste was identical to meat…Vegan sauce was, as usual, based on naturally-derived resin like xanthan gum, or maybe just simple potato starch. So, I got a plate of flour stuff, professionally cooked to assume the similitude of “food”. Really, cooks could make wonders! But, is that Food? People, I felt hungry and ate those, after I got colic and hemorrhoids for a few days!

Many of us just eat. What about choosing GOOD FOOD consciously? Food which will be good for health, mental and physical. It is especially important these days, right?

Unfortunately, vegan is commonly understood as “no-meat-but-everything-else-in-a-plate”; and that everything will be commonly flour, sugar, starch, resins like xanthan gum and carrageenan to replace dairy, and tomatoes on top… Food like this does not make humans healthy or healthier, on the contrary, it clogs in the body system for years and decades.

Those replacements of meat to “vegan meat”, dairy to “vegan dairy”, burger to “vegan burger”, cake to “vegan cake”, any habitual dish to “the same vegan version” are just the enormous attempts to somehow resist from the desires, “traditional” chemically-boosted desires.

Vegan food means vegan. Healthy food means healthy.

Super! market in Poland, 2019

Taste-replacing foods sometimes are necessary, when total mental and physical stability are not yet reached. Transitional is not “traditional”. Transitional vegan burgers and vegan “pasta bolognese” are transitional – just a first, short part of a long journey to good.

Where is the end of that tunnel to see the light?:)

I am asking myself, maybe it is possible to cook food according to absolutely fresh new recipes and principles? Such food, which does not remind any pizza with cheese, any pancakes, any meat balls with yummy sauce or sugary cake? Such food, which does not clog. The food of well-feeling.

Warm thanks to a special friend for editing

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