Prophylactic self-isolation for mind and body purification. Day 35th.

I have noticed, some artists, true creators form the soul, express a deep, heretofore not identified meaning in their works. What is more interesting, sometimes it even seems that the perception of truth comes to their pieces directly from Cosmos, from Universe, because, … because how could you explain that those complicated, sometimes hidden things come through an artist and act as an awakened fountain in his piece, straight to the sky? Or, maybe, everyone is seeing his truth from his own perception? Who knows…

That very slight discomfort behind my eyes, the sinuses quick to congestion, the minor wheeze when I jog in the afternoons, the almost imperceptible dryness in my throat — is it the pollen in the air? The dry heat from the radiators? Or is it the thing?” – by Soraya Roberts on Longreads, My Body is Not a Temple.

In the gallery of the Artist David DAVID, Antibes, France, August 2019 (got a verbal permission to make this photo and a written approval to add it to my blog post)
On the official website of the Artist:

The symptoms of clogged sinuses become a new standard to a resident of this age.

Dr. A. Palatronis

Just drink or eat warm/hot food and here it is – mucus and pus start to shepherd up and down, here and there till the clog clips to a throat and causes spasmodic cough. How often I observed those “healthy” people in our daily life, before we were self-isolated…

Coincidence? or? The same Artist. Square Merimee 7, Cannes, France, August 2019

The character does not see anything around – the bucket is on his head / he puts the bucket on his head? / he tries to remove the bucket from his head?

Fragments from the book “Mucusless Diet Healing System” by Prof. Arnold Ehret:


Is a beneficial effort to eliminate waste from the cavities of the head, the throat and the bronchial tubes.


There is a limit to the ability of this organ (stomach) to digest and to empty itself after the meal. Every food (even the best kinds) are mixed with this acid mucus, continually remaining in the average person’s stomach. The wonder is how long the human being can stand such conditions.


All are in a decomposing state, producing cadaver poisons, uric acid in the body and mucus


Eggs are even worth than meats, because not only have eggs too high protein qualities, but they contain a gluey property too much worse than meat and are therefore very constipating


Also makes a good glue for painting


Cereals and all flour products form mucus and acid. The worst of all is white flour, because it makes the best paste


Is one of the greatest mucus formers and makes an excellent paste. I firmly believe thru my experience with serious cases of sickness prevalent among one-sided rice eaters, that rice is the foundational cause of leprosy, that terrible pestilence

The end of the citation

Do you remember the movie Ghostbusters?:) And that green pretty ghost, the Slimer, eating tons of food without any selection and preferences, just all food. And sharing his slimy mucus with everyone who touches him?:)

green pretty ghost, the Slimer, eating tons of food without any selection and preferences, just all food he found. And sharing his slimy mucus with everyone who touches him?:)

That is so funny to make a comparison and asking yourself “Why? Why those coincidences do happen?”. And to hear the inner answer, the inner voice “Because there are no coincidences”.

Lastly, I found this super amazing artist, painting the Slimmer from Ghostbusters on youtube:

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