Prophylactic self-isolation for mind purification. Day 27th.

Am I alone in this prison?

This post is not about those who have installed TV antenna on their heads, also, not about those who are just bored these days…

Couple of years ago a lady was in Italy, and visited a small island close to X city – island Y. A place from where the paradise probably took an inspiration…She met a tiny crab in his shell and they spent some time together: two different worlds met for a time.

The story of the crab. Photo by the blog’s author

The crab was coming out of his shell repeatedly and obviously was curious about her, as well as she did about him. He seemed curious, but also brave enough to investigate the surroundings:) A lady handled his shell gently and enjoyed his world, going deep to his consciousness. Crab’s shell, his home, was obviously the safest and the most pleasant place in the world for him. THE END OF THE STORY.

But… what about thousands (millions) of us who are ALONE these days? Isolated alone at their homes? What do they feel? How do they feel? Is there a voice screaming through the walls? Beside their loneliness, the strong voices are speaking loudly through the minds. The post by Soraya Roberts tells us a lot: “Those of us who don’t have to be convinced remain isolated in our homes, some of us (including me) literally alone.” A lot of anxiety and annoyance in her story about those of us (humans) who keep their social behavior in a state of neglect. Many truthful thoughts she reflected, but a bouillon of inner negativity could be dangerous for inner health. What is a profit of being non-infected by outside virus, but infected by our own minds? THE END OF THE STORY.

Amazing chief of his own, vegan meals’ cook from UK is now self-isolated for already three weeks. How does he? Guy continues to share his amazing recipes and stays positive at home. My applause for such a huge support to himself and 1 (one) million of his subscribers on youtube channel! One of the latest his videos I found here: THE END OF THE STORY.

Many years ago a friend of mine was alerted with a shaky voice that her boyfriend is going for a trip for few days (or weeks?). So, as she stayed alone at home, she said she was so afraid, afraid of walls, afraid of darkness, afraid of any sounds around. Because of those fears, she turned on all the lights and TV in the evenings during her lonely stay. I asked her: “Why did not you open the water-taps as well? There will be more “support” for you from house communications:))” We laughed a lot, she realized there is nothing to fear about:) THE END OF THE STORY.

Many years ago a friend of mine was alerted with a shaky voice that her boyfriend is going for a trip for few days (or weeks?). So, she literally was disorientated: “What will I do all these days alone?”. I said: “That could be a great possibility to make a home-made face mask!” We laughed a lot, she realized that time could be spent wisely:) THE END OF THE STORY.

You probably have noticed how happy and playful cats and kitties are. It is in their nature: a cat could joyfully play just with his tail, with no additional gadgets involved, turning rounds and rounds, and nevertheless always being surprised who is there, at the end of his tail:)

A cat, or a lion, or other species of the family Felidae (scientific classification) are joyful by their nature. Despite the fact that they are socially active, they are lonely walkers, knowing their own way and keeping it faithfully. By being strong, lonely individuals, the only way to keep positive inner condition is to be joyful, playful, and happy with themselves. Maybe it even not a coincidence, that family’s name Felidae is so close to Portuguese word feliz, or Spanish word feliz, that means HAPPY.

A JOYFUL KITTY. Photo by Pexels
A JOYFUL creature. Photo by Pexels

So, am I alone in this prison? THE BEGINNING OF THE STORY

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