Prophylactic self-isolation for body purification. Day 26th.

Few days ago I went on a one-day juice fasting. Right now it is a great time to do so, no temptations from outside world! No meeting in cafeterias, restaurants or going for picnics. Always it was a problem to take day-off from food, because food was everywhere around. As well as taking care people who always shared sugar, milk and flour😅 I love the people round about me, but flour… No flour, please🙏

I could say, it is so hard to resist from flour and sugar. But more so, after you manage with it and keep away from sugary flours completely for a couple of months – it come back later! Body purification, which gives a chance to feel the life, but not sugary life, is the project of great importance.

For my food day-off, vegetable juices are just right what I needed. Generally, juice is a concentrated liquid of fruits or vegetables. Vegetable juices are much better than fruit/berries juices for beginner’s day-fasting, because vegetable juices contain 10-folds lower amounts of natural sugars than fruit juices and therefore allow to stay mentally stable within a day-fasting event. Mental stability comes from stable glucose level in blood, it does not rises and drops as when by eating (natural) sugar containing foods, like fruits, sweets, cakes, rice or some other grains, etc.

My juice day experience:

  • 6 am: 2-3 teacups of water
  • 8 am: orange/lemon/apple/ginger juice, diluted with water 1:1 (the recipe you can find in my previous post:
  • 9 am: 1 liter of salty and lightly spicy celery/carrot bouillon
  • 10 am: freshly squeezed carrot/beetroot juice, diluted with water 1:1
  • 11 am: same juice as at 10 am
  • 12 am: freshly squeezed carrot/beetroot/sweet potato juice, diluted with water 1:1
  • 1 pm: same juice as at 12 am
  • 2 pm: same juice as at 12 am
  • 3 pm: cabbage juice, diluted with water 1:1
  • 4 pm: same juice as at 3 pm
  • 5 pm: same juice as at 3 pm
  • 6 pm: just fresh water
  • 8 pm: herbal tea with honey and “Good night!” 🙂
Freshly made beetroot juice, diluted with water 1:1

Celery juice or celery bouillon, as well as beet juice are great natural products for inner purification. One could feel that purification effect by constipation clog going out.

Believe me,

an average human being of XXI century has accumulated “tons” of unnecessary “treasures” inside!

Even those who think they are really healthy because of sports and/or balanced food menu (however, overdosed with proteins and sugars)…I was one of them: statistically healthy – but body signs with no clear diagnoses showed that the body needs a rest from…from “balanced”, “healthy” continual food intake. How foolish was I not to understand it for so long…and glad to realize right now that a transition to Nature is on it way.

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