Home-baked beetroot chips

Week ago a friend of mine shared with me amazing news that she ate 3 packs of potato chips per one evening. The news were so crispy that I was chewing potato chips and feeling their taste in my mouth by using imagination until I made the final decision: “I need it”. Well, I ate also 3 packs, but in 3 days. How surprised was I, they seemed salty, yes, of course, but not tasty! No gusto! Just crunch crunch..

Nevertheless, those 3 days led to higher salt intake and as a sequence, “hunger” feeling appeared. I wrote “hunger” in quotation-marks because that feeling is not real hunger. Real hunger I never felt before, because real hunger appears from a third day of fasting, but not earlier!

So, what is that “hunger”, that not real hunger? It is an enormous body attempt to neutralize excess of salt, or excess of sugar, or excess of processed, overdosed food.

We always thought that THAT tension feeling in stomach is hunger. No, its stomach suffer from foreign matter inside!

Im not here to postulate medical truths, but Im sharing my own experience and observation. All that agony and tension feeling when we think “Im hungry!” is not about hunger, its about food which is not in a balance with a human body.

A body tries to tell to its owner that there was a mistake in consumption, but… nobody hears:))

Anyway, I ate those chips, but today have baked my own: no salt, no flavour enhansers, no oils, no starch added. But so tasty and crispy!

Veggie chips baked at home

And what a saving for the family😁:

  • a) vegetable juices were made yesterday;
  • b) one-day juice diet was completed yesterday (0.5 kg went away and better feeling appeared) ;
  • c) veggie chips are baked today (from the pulp of yesterday’s juicing) !

Veggie chips recipe are made the same way as beetroot chips, you can find the recipe in the other post here: https://z-antenna.com/2020/04/02/dealing-with-raw-beetroots/ . Just use pulp of vegetable mix instead of pulp of beetroot alone.

P.S. Pulp only from certain vegetables, like beetroots, carrots, potato, sweet potato, turnips, or their mixture, is suitable for making these veggie chips. Don’t use cabbage! While baking, cabbage will give specific taste and smell

Photo by Dr. A. Palatronis on www.z-antenna.com

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