Prophylactic self-isolation for body purification. Day 19th.

Since COVID-19 came to us, little by little all nail salons around the Globe started to close. That mean that huge percentage of ladies will not be able to renew their gels and acryls. And that is actually for good! (if you looking for transition to Nature, of course:)) Just check an online info about “potential risks of gel and acrylic nails” and be sure you understood what is written there…You know, nowadays it is actually not enough to put a statement that we CAN READ, the statement should be that we DO READ and DO UNDERSTAND what is written, right?:)

My new-era nail story has started more than year ago

Since January 2019, I started avant-garde methods and experiments for external body purification and natural beauty to come. One of it was a total disregard to nail polish (and, as a result, for acetone(non-acetone)-based lacquer removers), cuticle oils and cuticle softeners.

Transition to Nature does cost, that is true, but later on, natural appearance just goes by itself with minimum efforts done and perfect well-looking.

Though, my nails were always “not bad” and I never used gel or acrylic nails*, the few first months period without regular nail cosmetics were terrible. It was like, when I took a look to my nails during the day, I was shocked and frightened, it seemed that it was always DIRTY UNDER NAILS and they seemed to be UGLY SHAPED. Don’t think I forgot about nail hygiene, no no! Oppositely, I was searching on internet for the solutions to keep nails naturally good looking and experimenting with different naturally-based (home made) products at home. However, back-to-Nature time takes a time and I just continued.

*except few times when I tried and that fake stuff (gel nails) just felt off. I was told, my nails are not created for gel nails. So much thanks for that!

Follow-up the nail story. While most of my friends and familiars were wearing gels and acrylics, I was just there on general meetings or coffee/tea meetings just with my NAKED NAILS. Little by little I get used to the view of my dim nails, and later started to like them more and more. Now they look just great, non-artificially colored, but strong and nice looking. For more than a year my family saves on my salon manicures/pedicures, because now Im doing it at home easily.

Most of natural self-hygiene solutions are so cheap and so easy, that sometimes it is even suspicious:))) However, one should realize, Nature gives us all the beauty, just let it do it.

Coco Nail Beauty hand bath

My hand/nail procedure Coco Nail Beauty:

  • warm water till 40-45 °C temperature
  • add 1 Tbsp of coconut oil and 1 (one) drop of your favorite essential oil (tea tree oil, fir oil, lavender, etc)
  • enjoy a hand-bath for 10-15 minutes
  • then remove excess of fat with paper towel and
  • listen relaxing music for 15 minutes more (skip this step if children are going rounds to catch your attention:))

Photo by Dr. A. Palatronis on

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