Latest sketch of lentil soup could provoke a joyful whoop!

This sugar-free recipe, along with other delicious dishes, is now available in my cookbook “Festive, Sugar-Free Recipes for Almost Vegans” on the Shop page section MY PUBLISHED BOOKS

Because of my transformation to Nature-food has started from 2019 January, many aspects of live within these days, including self-isolation, are so easy-go and even joyful for me and my family. We take a time to relax, to spend time together, to clean our space, to create, to write, to paint, to cook, and of course to eat, but just a simply food:)

The story of the lentil soup in my kitchen is so successful, that I definitely need to share the recipe with my readers:) Before 2020, when time to time we had guests at our home (the restaurants were open than, right?:)), the rooted meat-eaters have told me – that that is the best soup ever. No meat is there, and bliss comes into the body and mind. Time to try this soup, it is a Lent time for everyone now:)

My lentil soup with fenugreek seeds instead of flour

Important note! In the original version of the lentils soup, which I found to be a traditional Turkish soap, wheat flour is usually being used for sweating the onions. As I avoid any kind of cereal flour as much as possible (mostly in 99%), I replace flour with milled fenugreek seeds. I found milled fenugreek to be a good replacement for flour by texture (for this specific recipe) and more beneficial in terms of nutritional impact. Anyway, a year ago the recipe of traditional Turkish lentil soap has opened me a new era of tastes:)