Prophylactic self-isolation. It is a TIME to have a TIME. Day 15th.

All of the sudden, everybody wants to go for a walk because… because its forbidden! And if just to remember all those sunny days years and years before…on the sunny day we were, including me😅, at shopping malls, inside restaurants and cafeterias, sitting somewhere Inside.

All of the sudden everybody needs it, needs the Sun. Now, when it is forbidden, we realize the value of true things that matter…

What is your true value?…

Nevertheless, we have created that Inside (houses, building blocks, apartments, villas, …), so now it is the time to use our home space properly and spend time wisely. How much time we were crying: “Ouh, if I would just have a time to do this and that…”, “I would like with a pleasure, but Im in hurry and don’t have time for it now”, “I will do it later, no time for it now”, “I love to do it, but have no time”…remember?

There is no so much Sun available right now, but all of that Time which we were always in lack – is here now and ready to serve you. Right NOW it is a time to have a time! Will you spend it wisely for positive transformation?

The list for myself:

  • stretching sport (online, life)
  • beginner course for gardener (online course)
  • illustration techniques (online course)
  • characters’ drawing (online course)
  • finish to write my scientific paper
  • reading the book “Mucusless diet healing system” by A. Ehret

Ohou! Probably two weeks would be not enough!

The most valuable think is already done and it is amazing. Today I cooked lentil soup online with my relatives, being far away from them for thousands km. We were speaking on phone, sharing pictures and short videos of step-by-step cooking…

More so, I wrote to other people who are dear for me, relatives and friends, and made sure they are in good mood, switching their concentration to positive programming, sharing positive affirmations available online and just sending them a smile:)

Photos by Pexels

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