Prophylactic phone isolation for clear mind and rising vibration. Day 14th.

When the living space is clean and shiny, and all other small duties completed, what to do? You know:)) to go on fb, email, chart with friends, youtube, watching the news, etc…

That was provably a necessary step, but not valuable. By the evening, now, my head is translating and trying to digest all that information, thinking and overthinking about this and that. Just to imagine…how that spoils the beautiful sunny day, even if we see the sun through the cleaned window.

I realise, the one in this living space who trully need to be isolated is it! – my mobile phone! I cought you, smart phone!😂 now for all that moral damage Im isolating it till…till tomorrow…till next week, … how much addicted am I to it?…

Photo by Pexels

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