Prophylactic self-isolation for re-thinking and re-creation. Day 8th.

While now cleaning my space here and there, Im finding some bugs, spiders and even ladybird (who live here too😀 and just getting awake after the long winter sleep).

Here it is, good morning! What am I doing when I find them? They are going on the leaves of my home plants or going outside to the balcony plants; spiders do imagine that they escape from me, in fact, I just let them doing that… because we all are alive and life is only one for everyone… Feel the live of any creature on Earth as your own, and the Love will guide you, not fear.

The day we will start watching for our inner world, not for TV channels, will change many things for good… For those who are ready to l’earn more, I am sharing the video of Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters):

Photos by Dr. A. Palatronis on

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