Prophylactic self-isolation for rising inner vibration. Day 7th.

My first harvest of ginger ever! My ginger roots are 10 months old. I am excited, that is for sure:)

Ginger roots from own mini garden

Always remind for myself: all the recipes and pieces of advice which we could learn from books or internet for boosting immune system are still valid! And now it is just a right time to think about it:)

Harvesting ginger roots
My ginger plant on the windowsill

P.S. I left some ginger stems with roots untouched in soil for them to continue growth. Lets see later how it goes!

Photos by Dr. A. Palatronis on

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2 thoughts on “Prophylactic self-isolation for rising inner vibration. Day 7th.

    1. Great! I need to say, the taste of my home-planted ginger is even stronger if comparing with any other ginger I ever tried before. Wish you success in planting!


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