Tech-tips for dealing with celery stems

It seems that fresh vegetables for daily menu is mission impossible, because they spoil quickly, and, -What is important!-, vegetables are chewy, non-digestible and not tasty!!!😀

Here are some tech-tips how to deal with celery stems in such a way, that it would stay fresh for weeks and eatable as salad ingredient:)

a) Tech-tips for storage:

  • Choose to buy those which are without plastic package. That is much possible in summer time; in winter time – ensure you will recycle the plastic package properly
  • Just after you bring celery stems from a (super)market – unwrap them from an original package and wrap into aluminum foil as shown in the picture below
  • Keep in a refrigerator with other vegetables; for up to 2 weeks they should feel fresh and juicy!

I’ve got an idea how to keep celery fresh longer from a smart and positive lady Melissa on Clean my space channel, you can watch a full video here:

b) Tech-tips before putting into a salad

  • Wash and dry celery stems
  • Cut the ends of celery stems
  • Peel the outer layer of a stem using a regular vegetable peeler
  • Cut into pieces/cubes as needed for a salad!


Photos and video by Dr. A. Palatronis on

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