No sugar, baby!

January 7th

First day no sugar in a form of guiltless piece of cake or a dessert, no any natural sweeteners like honey, agave, maple or any other syrup. Only fresh or dry fruits when it comes to extreme desire to bit a piece of chocolate. The main idea is to transfer from processed sugars to pure natural sweets, but also, step by step to lower concentration of glucose circulated in the body.

So, today I felt asleep in a deep sleep for a half an hour. No nervous stimulants were calling me🙂 No caffeine in a form of coffee (already for 6 months), no sugars from today. Is it real for sugar story?:)… We will see.

Honestly, my non-sugary era started a year ago, at the time when all the transitions to Nature have begun. But, summer holidays and winter celebrations have shaken the deal, and I turned to a wide sugary road instead of my new narrow pathway… Now it is a time to come back to Nature and turn my face towards it, but not a back.

January 8th – January 9th

Severe non-stop headache. On January 8th I woke up with that half-head headache, somehow was managing with it during the day and waiting for the night to come and fall asleep. Ha! At 2 a.m. I woke up with much more stronger headache and was trying to make a deal with it till the midday. Than it slowly left me and disappear. Now I am free.

Does a sugar withdrawal syndrome is similar to a caffeine withdrawal syndrome? I would say and yes and not, but it definitely takes place.

My breakfast, April 24, 2018

January 10th

Light and shiny mood, no hunger feeling though I ate only one apple in the morning. Additional pear was overdose, I caught the thought that one fruit is more than enough for my breakfast! That is interesting for me to compare two breakfasts: the one from the last year, and the one from 2020 morning:)

My family is interested more and more: whats next?:) More energy and power with less expenses for food – sounds great, isn’t it?

I need to say, that journey, transition to Nature was (and still is) a long and not easy-doing pathway. However, as the human beings, as the creatures, who supposed to be the most intelligent,creative and conscious on this planet, – it would be strange to seek something that easy, fast-happening and effortless, isn’t it?

My breakfast, January 10, 2020

Important note!

Now I see and understand, that 2020-year breakfast is much more powerful and healthy than that one from the last year. However, that was a great start:)

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