How to make root vegetables to be delicate edibles

One of the common exaggerated belief about raw vegans is that they gnaw at raw root vegetables like dog gnaws at a bone:))

Here is the tech-recipe which actually means that both ingredients and technology of food preparation are extremely important. Specific ingredients are joined together for easier digestion and pleasant taste. Because of thick root vegetables’ texture, it could be heavy for stomach to digest, but success of the recipe depends on the correct preparation. So, lets work on a preparation of root vegetables!


  • raw carrots, 2 pcs
  • raw beetroot, 1 small pcs
  • apple, 1 pcs
  • raisins, handful
Beetroot salad with carrot and apple
  • Peel a beetroot and carrots and grate them with a standard 4-side grater on a side with a smallest holes. The roots will appear to be sweet and juicy, with softer and easy-to-chew texture:
Small shreds of grated beetroot and carrots
  • Peel an apple and grate it with a standard 4-side grater on a side with bigger holes. Here we grate using bigger holes because an apple by itself is not hard to chew and not heavy to digest. Bigger pieces of apple will not dominate but will be more noticeable in overall rooty composition. Moreover, duet of an apple and root vegetables is one of the classical examples of successful products’ combination.
  • Rinse raisins twice in 50-60°C water to remove excess of vegetable oil (which is added to raisins by producer for preservation reasons). Be sure your raisins do not contain any other preservatives like sulfur dioxide (E220). Dry it with a cloth or paper towel.
  • Mix all ingredients together and enjoy!
Edible raw salad from root vegetables

Important notes:

For seekers of specific taste – one carrot could be replaced by one black round radish.

However, an apple could not be replaced by other fruits, because of its neutrality and compatibility with most of root vegetables. Citrus fruits (orange), very sweet fruits (banana), or sour and sweet (pineapple),etc will not match with root vegetables because different ferments are needed to digest all this mixture and therefore will result in heavy digestion.

From the other hand, raisins are dry fruits and therefore differ in may ways from fresh ones. In general, dry fruits are considered as a good pardner of root vegetables.

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