The short ballad for the evening salad

Here we are, trying to catch back for fresh healthy/wealthy food! One could say, what is interesting in those salads? They are boaring. Well, I was thinking similarly before I got deeply in a plant-based raw menu. There are plenty tips and tricks how to make a salad to be tasty and turbo-fresh without any specific dressings, species or processed ingredients.

It does not give Energy, it gives a Power!


  • Kale
  • Celery stem
  • Long cucumber
  • Parsley root
  • Red sweet long paprika
  • Lettuce
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Lemon juice
  • Edible chestnuts
Main ingredients for evening salad

Normally, salad is something easy to make, but some plants should be prepared in a specific way to be tasty, easily digestable and nutrient. Some efforts are required to deal with those plants.

In this recipe the ballad is about kale leaves, celery stems and parsley root:

Some efforts are required to deal with these plants: kale, parsley root and celery stems

Kale leaves

To chew kale leave is a challenge. Because of curly structure of leaves it seems to be unchewable, uneatable and reminds a test of endurance for an eater!

First of all, lets look for a Power. Only healthy strong leaves are appreciated (right photo), there are no place for any wilted, yellowish or suspicious kale leaves (left photo) in a salad!

Secondly, cut out thick fibrous stems and use only leafy part for a salad

Kale stems are going to compost,
leaves are going to a salad!

Next, cut the leaves into small peaces, add a bit of flaxseed oils and lemon juice. Massage it well in a salad bowl for a few minutes with a hand. I would never thought to do so, but luckly a friend of mine told me always to massage kale! Now I know:))

After kale massage is finished, lets move to a parsley root. Before 2019, I used to know parsley root is good in soup for aroma, but not for eating it raw. Eating raw parsley root could be cardinally different experience. Because of thick root’s texture, it could be heavy for stomach to digest it, and from salad we expect something light. So, lets work on parsley root preparation! Peel it and grate with a standard 4-side grater on a side with a smallest holes. The root will appear to be sweet and juicy, even not noticeable after mixing into a salad:

Lastly, we deal with a celery stem. It seems to be OK, but! Outer layer of celery stems is something like plant threads and seems like chewing a grass on a field…Remove it with a peeler and celery stem will be juicy, crunchy and enjoyable!

After dealing with those three heavy veggies:

  • cut paprika, cucumber, lettuce, celery and chestnut
  • add all ingredients into a salad bowl
  • mix well and serve!

Important note!

The evening salad is a main dish for a dinner, not a side dish. Only salad:))