Choosing sweet corn in a package


The climate of mid Europe allows to choose Nature food like vegetables, fruits and berries from an enormous variety of canned, frozen, dried or bottled products…:) It does not mean we need to consume only those, but sometimes it helps in creating the recipes.

How to choose the right sweet corn pack? Here are my insights:

a) look for glass package instead of canned package. If no glass package is available – I take just 1-2 canned packages and look for a possibility to find glass one next time. 

b) look for the amount of salt per 100 gram and choose 2-3 those which have less salt

c) from the chosen 2-3 products choose final one by looking at the ingredients list. Choose that one which list does not contain sugar, for example, 

Ingredients: sweet corn, water, salt

Steps “b” and “c” could be changed in place, but the amount of salt is much more important and should be less, because its amount is clearly indicated in numbers. Normally the food we consume has plenty of salt in hidden/non-hidden forms. To feel well and not be thirsty during a day – just moderate amount of good quality salt is needed.

Lets see the example:

Amount of salt in 100 g of a product is usually indicated at the end of a nutritional information list.

Corn product in a glass package contains 0.32 g of salt per 100 g of product (on a photo it is marked in red):

Glass package of sweet corn

Other corn products in canned packages contain 0.4, 0.43, 0.45, 0.68, 0.7 or 0.78 grams of salt per 100 g of a product:

Checking the ingredients of those packages with a lover salt content (0.4, 0.43, 0.45 g). To avoid hidden-sugar, the ingredients should consist only corn, water and salt :

To conclude:

I am looking for a minimum salt amount per 100 g of a product

The ingredients of a sweet corn product should be only corn, water and salt

Glass package is preferred, but if there are no other options – I take canned product.

Always remember, 90% of careful choice will do the thing for better. If undesirable package occur – it will make 10% of all choices, the most important is not to be over stressed about everything:)

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