Do plants feel pain?

I watched one shared video where difference between plant and animal killing-related stress and pain were explained by young lecturer. He was pretty good and made fun for students by using sharp examples. And his main idea that there are no excuses to hurt animals, even if plants feel pain too, is fair-minded. But the outright explanation should be much more deeper…

Life by itself is an ability to feel and respond

Friendly kitty in Brasov, Romania. 2019 November 7

When we cut a bush, or roses, or any branch of tree – every gardener knows that this process should be done with care for not to hurt them. There are plenty different types of instruments for specific gardening purposes. Every gardener knows – plants grow well when not hurt.

Yes, plants do feel pain. However, on an evolutionary scale plants are many times away from animal kingdom. That is why their nervous (pain feeling) system is a mystery for us. But. Ayurveda says to consume food which is as much far evolutionary from animal kingdom as possible. The pain of plants is far different from animal pain. When we consume anything – it’s stress and pain transform to our bodies.

We probably heard from our grandparents, the older generation, the food (including plant-based food) should be prepared with good emotions, wisely and with care and love. Only in that way it gives true life, right energy and positive feeling to human body. However, animals’ pain transforms in millions, if not billions, times bigger in human body if comparing to plant transformation. On the evolutionary scale animals are so close to human being and have quite similar nervous (pain feeling) system, fish or insects would be much far away, but still there…

Interestingly, if comparing plants, fruits and berries theoretically would feel less or no pain and stress at all, because ripe fruit/ berry are anatomically and physiologically ready to be picked off. Vegetables, grains and greens should be cut from the main root or stem, we us knife, scissors or other tools to pick them off. By this explanation, fruits and berries are given for human as a gift from Nature.

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