Human be-ing or human eat-ing?

It seems that in XXI century the definition of “human being” has changed its initial meaning and should be revised. In a Present continuous tense of English language “to be” grammatically turns to “being”. By term human “being” it is supposed that humans do exist in a present moment, being wise, conscious, creative and happy. However, all above-mentioned characteristics are still our goal but not a reality, especially when it comes to “being happy”…

Meal with a sea view, August 2016, Spain

Our lifestyles are so strongly disconnected from Nature, that food is left as an unique route for seeking happiness. We eat, eat, eat…, slowly transforming to “human eatings”. Wow! Food is everywhere: main meals, snacks between the meals, meetings for coffee with friends, coffee breaks, additional snacks while doing computer work, TV watching and cinema, public entertainment, barbecue relaxing in Nature, relaxing at a balcony or terrace with a glass of wine and cheese, chewing while waiting for someone, official and unofficial meetings, celebrations, tastings, that happy feeling when we find a cereal bar in our bag, your friend or colleague baked a cake and is ready to share, revising a fridge time to time, testing while cooking, opening a package of potato chips right after shopping in supermarket (we grab these potato chips as being smarts, to feed ourselves even before we reach home – all those “eatings” during a day. Between the eatings we go to a bathroom to say good bye for waste and continue eating!

We literally have turned from human beings to humans who are “eating”, human eatings, because a dominant feature is describing a subject, and we are not “beings” anymore.

Once I was writing down all my eatings, marking an hour of meal within a day, for a week. I wrote down ALL my eatings. After a week, just looking at that “novel” I was shocked about the amount of food was processed by myself. I repeated the experiment few months later, and than once again. I found out such a written control started to work for me, because I started to think twice before putting in my mouth additional “healthy bar” or “unhealthy” pleasure-giving piece of cake.

Desserts, July 2015, Italy

Absolute transformation has started after I found a video of one Indian lady, who was talking about all those overeatings and health related problems. At that time I was already overweight and with a number of health-related symptoms that allowed me to visit doctors and pharmacists constantly. However, at the same time those health-related symptoms allowed for my doctors and pharmacists to make diagnoses and to provide treatments without any responsibility for the positive results. Nobody looked for the causes of my health problems, but only tried to quench the symptoms. Until I started to take responsibility for myself. The cause was surprising, the cause was food and food amounts that I ate…

If most of the civilised world does really care to be called ‘human beings” further on, the spring of “human eating” should be teared out.

Here is the link to Indian lady’s Subah Jane video about the impact of eating on our health. Subah Jain helped me in my food journey, great thanks for her!

Take Out the Toxins from Your Body | Subah Jain

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