Citrus ginger drink

Even on a rainy day the sun is shining in my juicy glass

Before I switched to Lemon greens in the mornings, I loved to make&drink my Citrus ginger drink. And the most important ingredient here is ginger. Lemon water is well-known detoxifying product too. I like sweetness of this drink which is achieved due to orange and apple, no additional sweeteners are needed!

Ingredients for the Citrus ginger drink

First experiment was just a ginger. I took a piece (coin size) of ginger under my tongue for 5 minutes until its taste was completely neutral. It cant be compared with hot ginger tea, it is many times much stronger taste and feeling in my mouth!

Well, the second experiment I still do.

It is an amazing tonic drink, and ginger gets its value in it. Apple and orange give sweetness to a drink, so any additional sweetener is not necessary (sounds great!). Combination of two citrus fruits is an amazing dance of tastes for a tongue. Now, any orange juice at cafeterias does not satisfy me, because it seems to be too sweet, too much concentrated and …alone.

Dilution with water is important. I always dilute my juicy drinks with water by half or even more.

Ingredients (1 portion):

  • Lemon, 1 pcs
  • Orange, 1 pcs
  • Apple, 0.5 pcs
  • Ginger, 2-5 coins (one coin of ginger is a thin 2-3 mm slice)
  • Water or Purified water

How to make it:

  • Wash and peel an apple, cut it into slices
  • Wash and slice ginger
  • Squeeze a juice of citrus (lemon and orange) fruits
  • Measure the amount of juice you have got and take the same amount of water. For example, if I got 1/3 cup of juice, it means, I need 1/3 cup of water to add
  • Combine sliced apple, citrus juice, water and sliced ginger in a blender for 1 min at a medium speed
  • Let it rest for 5 minutes and drink!
The sun is in my glass. Citrus ginger drink


I was a supervisor of one student at the university with whom we developed naturally-based effervescent tablets with ginger. I would say, to incorporate natural material into a naturally-based tablet was a challenge. So, by putting our efforts together as a student and supervisor, we made a great job, moreover, we l’earned about ginger in details and as a whole. One characteristic of ginger was the essential. I l’earned it has a strong detoxifying effect and cleans blood if taking little doses in the mornings or between the meals. However, it’s main ingredient is sensitive to higher temperature, higher than 40 Celsius degrees! It means any hot tea with ginger is not working as good as it supposed to be. My dear friend from Portugal was surprised about ginger tea from the beginning. In Portugal ginger is consumed fresh as a salad topping, but never as a part of a hot drink, she said. From historical literature, I also found out that people consumed ginger to strengthen their reproductive system. That how it started. This summer I refreshed my thoughts about ginger and went on the experiments.

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